Raymundo Vásquez Ruiz
Computer Engineer

Raymundo Vásquez Ruiz

Hi 👋🏽

I'm a Software Engineer with several years of experience developing and shipping software products and services. During my career I have performed different roles, including CTO, across different industries such as education, delivery and healthcare. I have also experienced regulatory frameworks such as ISO27001 and ISO13485.

I love building software systems with high quality at a fast pace, and with sustainability and environmental implications in mind. I deliver technical team leadership, software architecture and product development using the cloud and devops capabilities. I identify myself by high empathy, high collaboration and a continuous improvement.

I'm originally from Ixtepec, Oaxaca, México, currently living in Brussels, Belgium.

You can send me a mail to: raymundo(at)vasquezruiz(dot)com

My daily work

🚀 My personal quest is to deliver high quality products at a fast pace implementing the best industry standards.

📨 I am currently available to help you and your organization in a freelancing scheme. Send me a mail if you're interested!

My tools

Currently I'm well versed in these technologies:

  • AWS
  • Gitlab
  • Mongo DB
  • Node.js
  • React.js
  • WebAssembly

And the following programming languages:

  • Javascript
  • Typescript
  • Rust


My interests are mainly expressed on my blog (in Spanish) and Mastodon, they go around the following (non-extensive) topics:

  • Green software engineering: as an industry we have a responsibility with our planet and we need to take the necessary actions to reach net zero by 2050. I have recently obtained my Green Software for Practicioners course certificate.
  • WebAssembly, specially beyond the browser: I'd love to see how it changes the way we deliver software.
  • Psychology and neuroscience: our reality is a construction, mainly produced by a single organ within our body and its subjective perceptions.
  • Cyber-realism: technology does not exist in a vacuum, it is per se neither good, bad or neutral.
  • Equality, social and climate justice.
  • Geo and bio politics.
  • Music, specially guitars.
  • Skateboarding
  • Reading... a lot
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