Raymundo Vásquez Ruiz
Computer Engineer

Raymundo Vásquez Ruiz

I'm originally from Ixtepec, Oaxaca, México, currently living in Brussels, Belgium.

I love building software systems for the web with high quality at a fast pace. I deliver technical team leadership, software architecture and product development using the cloud and devops capabilities. I identify myself by high empathy, high collaboration and a continuous improvement. I stay focused on team members and help in their personal and career development.

You can send me a mail to: raymundo(at)vasquezruiz(dot)com

My daily work

As a CTO in a startup I wear different hats during the day. I'm mainly responsible for:

  • Creating a scalable product. I do this by maintaining a hands-on approach to programming with our entire stack: AWS, MongoDB, Node.js and React. This allows me to identify bottlenecks and work towards resolving them, increasing the leverage of the team.
  • Creating a scalable team. Identify the roles needed within the technical team and proceed with the hiring process for them. I follow closely on the team members, maintaining relationships that enable focus and high motivation, providing coaching and mentoring on technical matters. I’m extremely interested in knowing what motivates every team member.
  • Define the technical strategy of the company.

I also cover functions related to security and help to facilitate our quality and regulatory process, governed by ISO 13485 and ISO IEC 62304.

My personal quest is to deliver high quality products at a fast pace implementing the best industry standards.

My tools

Currently I'm making intensive use of:

  • AWS
  • Gitlab
  • Mongo DB
  • Node.js
  • React.js

With the following programming languages

  • Javascript
  • Typescript
  • Rust


My interests are mainly expressed on my blog (in Spanish) and Mastodon, they go around the following (non-extensive) topics:

  • WebAssembly, specially beyond the browser: I'd love to see how it changes the way we deliver software.
  • Psychology and neuroscience: our reality is a construction, mainly produced by a single organ within our body and its subjective perceptions.
  • Cyber-realism: technology does not exist in a vacuum, it is per se neither good, bad or neutral.
  • Sustainable software development: as an industry we have a responsibility with our planet.
  • Equality, social and climate justice.
  • Geo and bio politics.
  • Music, specially guitars.
  • Reading... a lot
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